A Pirate's Life

On the Account

During this introductory session the crew of the Stormbringer got a taste of the pirate life. The adventure stated following a less-than-successful voyage that began to look up Tyo spotted an Ordic ship riding low in the water. With no other ships in sight the crew decided to ignore their Ordic letter of marque and attack the ship. After successfully boarding and killing the captain, they captured the ship’s cargo and some of the remaining crew. The ship was carrying exotic goods and spices owned by the Southern Immoren Trading Co. and was captained by Geoffrey Mateu. D’nara also managed to find a mysterious spyglass inscribed with runes of unknown origin.

After scuttling the ship the Stormbringer made port in Five Fingers where they clandestinely sold their spoils to pay for moorage, supplies and repairs. Here Tyo met “Captain” Benjamin Kayde who requested parley with Daneric aboard the Stormbringer. There Ben convinced Daneric to embark on a quest for the treasure of the Dread Pirate Roberts after agreeing on an equitable split of the treasure.

There was just one problem – the map to the treasure is still in the apartment that Ben was kicked out of when the Silver Moon gang took over his tenement. The crew of the Stormbringer agreed to help retrieve the map, and Tyo, Mary, and Gunnar went ahead to figure out what they were dealing with.

After a spate of suspicious behavior the Silver Moons decided to kick Tyo out of their establishment, and then things got ugly. Surrounded by thugs and cutthroats the gang fought a dire battle until the mysterious Clarence joined in to turn the tide. After making a mess of the Silver Moons’ hideout the gang decided to let the party upstairs to retrieve the lost map. Through some clever investigation the PCs were able to find the map, and just to make sure the message was received they set fire to the tenement and fled back to the Stormbringer.

After learning of the trouble his crew had caused Daneric decided to set sail that night, repairs be damned. Onboard the ship Clarence confronts Ben about his criminal past and in the confusion the Ordic crew they had “recruited” made an escape. With no time to lose the Stormbringer sets sail for the Sharde Isles and the treasure that awaits them.


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