Tyo Bac'ho

Lookout/Navigator for Stormbringer



Tyo does not have many distinctive Iosan features other than his tanned skin due to his pirate lifestyle. He is tall and has slender build with hawk-like facial features with sharp bird eyes.


Tyo is always in search for 3 things: booze, women and a good fight. Tyo Bac’ho is an excellent fighter and athlete even at a young age. This is the root cause for his bashness and arrogance.

He enlisted in the fanatical Retribution of Scryah in hopes for adventure or at least fighting. But was quickly bored with the strict military life and escaped to Ord.

Tyo embraced the duelist privateer lifestyle that Ord was known for wholeheartedly. Getting paid for adventure and traveling? He was born for this role! He currently employeed as Lookout and Navigator for Stormbringer. Which he only joined as it is the only crew that has tolerated his antics.

Tyo Bac'ho

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