Madsen Feullers

Ship Surgeon, Thamarite Advocate/Thief


Phy – 5(6)
Spd – 6(7)
Str – 4
AGL – 3(5)
Prw – 4
Poi – 4
INT – 3(5)
Arc – 3(4)
Per – 3
Def: 14 (7+5+3-1)
Arm: 13 (6+7)
Command: 5
Gifted: Additional Study, Combat Caster
Abilities: Conniver, Corruptor, Dodger, Ghost Shield, Hit the Deck, Imbue Weapon, Inscribe Thrall Rune, Soul Taker
Military Skills: Hand Weapon 2
Occupational Skills: Bribery 1, Deception 2, Escape Artist 1, Lock Picking 2, Lore (Thamarite) 2, Medicine 2, Pickpocket 2, Sneak 2, Streetwise 2, Thrall Crafting 2
Assets: Thieves’ Tools, Necromancer’s Kit, 5g of Inscription Inks
Armor: Tailored Plate
Weapons: Rapier
Companion: ‘Mr. Ned’, Lieutenant Thrall with Dark Power upgrade
Spells: Ashen Cloud, Bleed, Ghost Shroud
Languages: Ordic, Cygnaran, Telgesh


Madsen is a man with a dream, and that dream is to sit at the right hand of the Goddess Thamar as one of her loyal Scions. Naturally, he doesn’t tell many people of this dream, and those who find out usually wind up on his surgical slab.

Madsen hails from a small village outside Berck, west of Merin in the kingdom of Ord. A surgeon by trade, Madsen has used his education and position of authority to further his academic research into some of the lesser known, darker Arcane subjects. Though Necromancy is vilified across all the Kingdoms of the realm, Madsen merely sees it as an available and woefully unexplored path to personal power, and by extension as a path to be explored to pave the way to his eventual ascension. It was almost too easy as a village doctor to come across available bodies for his experiments, and soon enough he was able to fully create functioning undead minions and assistants to help further his studies and planning. Unfortunately, the local arbiters discovered him one rainy night, and he was forced to use his creations to hold back a mob and town militia while he beat a hasty retreat to the coastline.

Now, having signed onto a crew of a less than reputable privateer vessel whose Captain chooses to look the other way from his experiments, Madsen is continuing his slow march towards Demigodhood while tending the wounds of his shipmates, and experimenting on those same shipmates should they unfortunately succumb to the myriad dangers at sea…

Madsen Feullers

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