Gunnar Jurgen

Bosun and Master Gunner


A dwarf almost hidden beneath a wealth of mechanikal tools, powder charges, and maintenance equipment. Those who get to know him recognize that his somewhat vacant expression is far from a sign of low intellect, rather indicating his concentration on matters of greater import. After all, he has duties to perform, and he daren’t disappoint the captain.


None can recall a time when Gunnar Jurgen wasn’t part of the ship’s complement. A few say they remember his being brought on to replace a casualty at so-and-so port, while some maintain he was a crewman of a seized ship who was enticed by the benefits of a privateer’s life.

When asked, he simply replies he’s served on the ship for “all my life that’s worthy of recallin’”, and hasn’t yet been encouraged to elaborate. Truly, his interests in life seem limited to the following:

1. Serving the captain, with complete deference to his authority
2. Maintaining the ship and its equipment
3. Increasing his collection of, and skill in utilization, of artillery and mechanika.

Gunnar Jurgen

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