D'naeric Stormbringer

Captain of the Stormbringer



He stands about average height, but a confident bearing makes this seem more than his actual build. Penetrating hazel orbs examine you with a calm, assessing gaze, above a sharp jaw covered in a few days growth of dark hair.

D’naeric can most also be found in a dark cloak covering sleek-towered Warcaster armor over a leather vest. A long rifle sword is slung across his back, ready to be quickly drawn.


Llaelese nobels Willem and Lisbet Mondran were sailing along the Ordic Coast, while on a diplomatic mission to the Ordic court, with their infant son Theodric. A sudden misty haze ahead turned out to be hiding a small fleet of Cryxian raiding ships, heading directly for them at high speed. The crew was well aware their fate was sealed.

Willem removed an icon of his house, worn around his neck, a black double-eagle on a field of green, and placed it on the child, and in an attempt to save the child’s body and soul, sealed him tightly in an empty water barrel, and gently placed this overboard with several other pieces of cargo to lighten the load enough, making it appear as they were trying to flee. Try as they might, they were quickly overtaken and destroyed.

The next morning, the pirate vessel Stormbringer arrived on the scene, intent on scavenging the remains for any valuables. They discovered the child and who they assumed to be his twin sister. They named them D’naeric and D’nara Stormbringer, after the ship, and the ship’s cook, a kindly barren old woman, raised them on the ship as her own.

The captain of the Stormbringer , Cal Renthas, was a former Warcaster trained in Cygnar before giving the life up in exchange for a life on the high seas. He took quite an interest in D’naeric as he could sense the boy’s gift. He began training the boy as a Warcaster at a young age, working with him daily on the ship.

Twenty-four years after the Cryx attack, Cal was killed by a stray cannonball while trying to take a well-armed frigate. D’naeric was crushed. He took Cal’s Warcaster armor, and led a ceremonial burial at sea. That night, he faced the crew. They unanimously agreed he would take on the captaincy of the ship.

It’s been a little over a year since becoming captain, and despite one of the best crews this side of the Khardic sea, every day brings new challenges.

D'naeric Stormbringer

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