D'nara Stormbringer

First Mate of the Stormbringer


Dark of hair and mood, D’nara can usually be found at the bow cleaning her guns. She dresses practically in trousers, blouse, and thick purple coat for those cold nights. Staring into her gray eyes is like staring into an oncoming storm. Though raised on a ship surrounded by men, or maybe because, she’s collects what she calls “pretties” for her enjoyment. Unlike her brother D’naeric, D’nara is impulsive and rash.


D’nara doesn’t remember much before Cal Renthas, captain of the Stormbringer, found them and that’s the way she likes it. Salona, that was what they called her “before”, was scared, helpless, and she drowned that night. D’nara was born from the sea, to a life she was always meant to live. D’naeric and D’nara looked similar enough to be siblings and being of the same age, were mistaken as twins. They also both seemed to have a gift. While Cal undertook D’naeric’s training, Mandon, the ships quartermaster and resident gunmage, set his sights on D’nara. Thanks to Mandon, D’nara is one of the most feared pirates to ever set sail.

D'nara Stormbringer

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