A Pirate's Life

Dead Man's Chest

Following their hasty departure from Five Fingers the crew of the Stormbringer is bound for the Sharde Isles and the first of three treasures marked on Ben’s map. Upon arriving at the marked island they find a trio of Cryixan ships at anchor, and manage to draw the attention of one of them. The ship approaches with unnatural speed even as the Sotrmbringer is adrift in a doldurm and the crew soon found itself in combat with Cryxian pirates.

After a brutal fight with a group of Satixys and Bloodgorgers the crew kill the Sea Witch that was manipulating the winds. Before making their escape they set the Cryxian ship on a course for its contemporaries and set a long fuse on the power keg. Before seeing the result of this gambit they quickly made their escape around the back of the island.

There the crew found a mysterious cave shaped like a skull and made their way inside. After figuring out how to open the iron gate blocking the entrance to the deeper section of the cave the crew finds a room filled with treasure and black water. Central to the treasure is a pedestal upon which sat a crimson crystal orb that seemed to glow faintly in the dark.

The crew was cautious about taking this treasure, but before long Tyo brashly grabbed the orb and awoke the cave’s guardians. During their harrowing battle with animated skeletons Ben tries to take the orb from Tyo claiming it as his share. This didn’t go well for him, and in the aftermath of the battle Daneric shot him and left him for dead in the cave.

Upon returning to the ship Tyo thought he was being watched by a clandestine figure, but before he could investigate further the Stormbringer set sail.


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